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A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {5th May '12}

Born and bred Brooklyn - U.S.A. / They call me Adam Yauch but I'm MCA / Like a lemon to a lime / A lime to a lemon / I sip the def ale with all the fly women...

R.I.P.  August 5th 1964 – May 4th 2012 

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {5th May '12}. 

Welcome to another future classic two hours plus of simply the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop featuring DOPE music with Lushlife, Homecut, P.SO, Fly Guys, Jehst, Fertile Ground, Moses Rockwell, GWN, Micall Parknsun & Fayth Hope.  

The Connoisseurs Corner has three gems spanning three continents  with Segun Bucknor, Angelillo Et Hamel, & Archie Bell. I take you back to the year of 1996 with some Classic Hip-Hop from The Bush Babees & the Cella Dwellas plus SO MUCH MORE & SO SO NICE!!

Please Feel Free to Share, Step Inside The Matrix & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings...
DJ Johnny Rebel.

Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Deja Gruv ft. Rakim - You’re Not Around (Luv Jonz) 1997 Kedar Entertainment
Dave Hollister ft Too Short - Came In The Door Pimpin’
[Prod By. Jazze Pha] (Ghetto Hymns) 1999 Dreamworks Records
Amp Fiddler - Superficial [Amps Soul Special] (Rare And Unreleased) 2008
Tortured Soul - Love Everlasting (Introducing) 2006 R2 Records

Rich Medina ft. Ivana Santilli, Lady Alma Horton, Maya Azucena & Jneiro Jarel -
Out Of Nothing (Connecting The Dots) 2005 Kindred Spirits
Kyoto Jazz Massive ft. Vanessa Freeman -
The Brightness Of These Days (Spirit Of The Sun) 2002 Compost Records
Homecut ft. Ad Apt - Bring It All Together [Social Beings Remix]
(Homecut Remixed Volume 1)                                     

Speech Development {Surreal & Slo Mo} - Just Do It
Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match [Prod By. Nik Wiz] (Realms ‘N Reality) 1996 Loud Records
Da Bush Babees ft. De La Soul & Mos Def - Love Song Remix
[Prod By. Posdnous] 1996 Warner Brother Records 12”

Moses Rockwell - Smile Again [Prod By. Sharp]
Da Phenoms - Old School Rule 1993 C & S Records 12”
Masta Ace - Spread It Out (Game Over Compilation) 2000 Yosumi Records
Micall Parknsun ft. Jehst & Kashmere - Movementz (First Second Time Around)

Pseudo Slang ft. Grap Luva - Walkin’ (We’ll Keep Looking) 2009 Fat Beats
The Brand New Heavies ft. Ed O.G - Do What I Gotta Do
(Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1) 1992 Delicious Vinyl
Lushlife - Magnolia (Plateau Vision)                                     
Pseudo Slang - Ogallala (We’ll Keep Looking) 2009 Fat Beats
Tab-One - Socialize [Prod By. Sunshine J] (Madflowridiculous)

P.SO The Earth Tone King - Moontones [Soulmade Beats Remix] (Network State Of Mind)
The Upstarts ft. Latanya Lockett - Paradise
[Prod By. Freddie Joachim] (The Know How) Subcontact Japan                                   
Jehst ft. Fae Simon - Timeless [Aye Pee Remix]
(The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family Remix EP)                                     
The Stuyvesants Meet Gummy Soul - Music City Swing

Rasiyah ft. Izzi Dunn - (Untitled) My Love
[Prod By. Mark De Clive Lowe] 2006 Antipodean Records 12”
HEAVy - Mylittlesong (JazzMoney$$) 2007 BBE
Lathun ft. India Arie - When Love Came In
[Prod By. Mark Batson] (Fortunate) 2002 Motown Records

GWN - Real Noise (The Definition)                                      
Fayth Hope - Love Didn’t Mean A Thing [Prod By. Chris Thompkins]
(Out Of Obscurity, PT. 1: From The Darkness…)                                     
Ledisi - Sugar Brown Sugar (Feelin Orange But Sometimes Blue) 2001 Le Sun Music
Fertile Ground - Spiritual War [Agent K Remix] 2003 4am Distribution                                    

The Connoisseurs Corner

Segun Bucknor - You Killing Me (Who Say I Tire)
Angelillo Et Hamel ft. Yolana Lisi -
Je Veux Te Dire Une Chanson (Complicité ) 1974 Barclay
Archie Bell - Harder & Harder (I Never Had It So Good) 1981Becket Records                            

4hero ft. Carol Crosby - Wishful Thinking (Two Pages) 1998 Talkin’ Loud                            

Bonus Track

Fly Guys (Kay Of The Foundation & Donwill of Tanya Morgan) -
Fly Guys With Glasses [Prod By. The Are] Rappers I Know                            


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