Monday, 2 June 2014

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {2nd Jun 14}

"It was Friday afternoon in the middle of June/
Heineken bottle caps and the aroma of boom." [Q-Tip].

It's a Monday afternoon and the beginning of June/ freestyle cypher raps to the essence of boom...bap...BRRRAAAP!! It's your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast  presenting the very best in progressive soul and hip-hop aboard the good ship "Morpheus". Let's reload the cannons, raise the anchor and set sail to the most sublime jams & joints featuring beats, rhymes & life with People Under The Stairs, Lil John Roberts, Nemo Achida, eMC, SkyBlew, The Planets, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Redman, Eric Lau & Tawiah, Nick Price, Down To The Bone, Essa, The Roots, Terrace Martin, Boogyman Blak, Jurassic 5, Skyzoo & Torae, Meyhem Lauren, Incognito, Katie Leone, Fashawn, John Robinson, Bliss & Alice, Khadisma, Pac Div, Fatima, Moka Only, Boog Brown, Nia Andrews, L’Orange, Tony Momrelle, Greg Porn, Muhsinah, Dice Raw, Robert Glasper, Teedra Moses,  
Ida Divine P.SO The Earth Tone King. What a line up!!

Also on the production tip are the sounds of Birocratic, Pav Bundy, Floating Points, Backdraft, Roc Marciano, Buckwild, Baggy Lean, Jinesis, MarcNfinit, Waajeed, Daz-I-Kue, Oh No, The Stuyvesants & Heavy D. #BassHeavy

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Mark De Clive-Lowe ft. John Robinson - The Mission (Church) mashibeats.bandcamp
The Roots ft. Dice Raw & Greg Porn - Understand
(…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin) Def Jam Recordings
Nemo Achida - Tribe Called Cult (Conversations With Myself) nemo-achida.bandcamp

Boogyman Blak - From DC NY [Prod By. Birocratic]
(From DC NY) boogymanblak.bandcamp
Redman - Dunfiato (Muddy Waters 2) CDR
eMC - Stay Busy [Prod By. Pav Bundy] (The Turning Point EP) Penalty Entertainment

Blu ft. Fashawn and Like & BeYoung from Pac Div - Boyz N Da Hood
(Good To Be Home) Nature Sounds
Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild - Been Official (SilkPyramids) Thrice Great
Essa - Easy [Prod By. Waajeed] (The Misadventures of a Middle Man) First Word Records

Khadisma - Hypnosis (100k) Soulection
Mark De Clive-Lowe ft. Nia Andrews - Hollow (Church) mashibeats.bandcamp
Incognito w/ Tony Momrelle - Amplify My Soul Part 1 (Amplified Soul) Ear Music

Eric Lau & Tawiah ft. Kaidi Tatham - Favourite Truth
(Love Call EP) Northern Shore Limited
Fatima - Biggest Joke Of All [Prod By. Floating Points] (Yellow Memories) Eglo Records
Lil John Roberts ft. Robert Glasper & Muhsinah - It’s Your Time Interlude
(The Heartbeat) Starburst Music Inc.

SkyBlew x Backdraft - The Green Balloons (Journeys In 1st Person) skyblew1.bandcamp
KazMega x Baggy Lean ft. Mitchmatic - Blue, Kind Of
(G.R.I.L.L.I.O.S.) Makebelieve Records
P.SO The Earth Tone King - The Bullshit [Prod By. Jinesis]
(Kill My High) HiPNOTT Records
Defizit ft. Moka Only & DJ Sean P - It’s All Right Here (Fresh Produce) defizit.bandcamp

People Under The Stairs - The Strand (12 Step Program) Piecelock 70
Skyzoo & Torae - 4 Bar Friday [Prod By. The Stuyvesants]
(Barrel Brothers) Empire Distribution
The Planets ft. Roc Marciano - Sound Clash [Prod By. Roc Marciano]
(Planet Roc) theplanets.bandcamp

Blu James - Spaceships (Blu James) Ten50 Records
Mark De Clive-Lowe - Brukstep (Church) mashibeats.bandcamp
Down To The Bone ft. Katie Leone - Put A Different Spin On It (Dig It) Dome Records
Incognito w/ Vanessa Haynes - Silver Shadow (Amplified Soul) Ear Music

Bliss & Alice ft. Chris Thompson - Lost
(Poetry Volume One: The Shit Talker Tape) blissandalice.bandcamp
SkyBlew x Backdraft ft. KON Sci of MindsOne - The Ballad Of Courage
(Journeys In 1st Person) skyblew1.bandcamp

Terrace Martin ft. Teedra Moses - The Last Song (3ChordFold Pulse) AKAI Music
Ida Divine - TIME

Jurassic 5 - The Way We Do It [Prod By. Heavy D]
People Under The Stairs - Get Hip (12 Step Program) Piecelock 70
L’Orange ft. Boog Brown - Until The Fall (The Orchid Days) Mello Music Group
Skyzoo & Torae ft. Blu - Rediscover [Prod By. MarcNfinit]
(Barrel Brothers) Empire Distribution

Fatima - Do Better [Prod By. Floating Points] (Yellow Memories) Eglo Records
Blu James - Look What We’ve Done [Prod By. Daz-I-Kue] (Blu James) Ten50 Records
Nick Price - Cabin Built For Two [Moovmnt]

Fatima - Technology [Prod By. Oh No] (Yellow Memories) Eglo Records
Incognito w/ Tony Momrelle - Something ‘Bout July (Amplified Soul) Ear Music
Pacific Shore ft. Sarah Linhares - Street Confusion [Moovmnt]