Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sy Smith - The Art of You

The OFFICIAL music video for Sy Smith's newest hit "The Art of You" from her critically acclaimed album CONFLICT (PSKYO!/MDI Distribution)
Directed by shawn carter peterson, produced by Neecole Cockerham, edited by Jeremy Thomas.

Available at iTunes,,,, Dr. Wax, Dusty Groove Records and more!
Get Sy's Live DVD "Worship At The Temple" at!

ChinahBlac - Get Away

Directed by:W.Ellington Felton and Jason Orr
guest starring: Sy Smith, Eric Roberson, Russell Taylor, and visitors of the 2009 International Soul Summit in ATL.

"Get Away" is the 1st single off of Chinah Blac's "Introducing Eugenia Shata".

About ChinahBlac:
The legend of Chinahblac has long been one of waiting for soul music fans. We discovered the voice long before we knew anything about the artist. After making a name for herself in the background, supporting such acts as Erykah Badu, Dave Matthews, and Jill Scott, the soul music world wondered when the Newark, New Jersey native would record her own solo project. The wait is officially over, as Chinahblac is officially a solo artist, with the much of her debut CD, Introducing: Eugenia Shata and the anticipated release of her new mixtape, "EARGASMIC" by DJ Conscience feat. R.Devaughn, Musiq, Wes Felton, Black Ice, Eshon Burgundy and more.

Masta Ace & EDO. G – Ei8ht Is Enough (Video)

Taken from Masta Ace and EDO. G’s upcoming A&E album.
Directed by Court Dunn.

Coming Soon!!!

Brittany Bosco LIVE on The Morpheus Soul Show this Saturday (31st October)! Don't Miss it...

This Saturday 31st October. The Morpheus Soul Show invite live into the studio, all the way from the ATL and originally from Savannah, Georgia. The beautiful soulful sounds of Miss Brittany Bosco (Applause!!!). We talk with Brittany on her forthcoming projects, music & life in general and hopefully towards the end of the show Miss Bosco would do the honour of singing something for our listeners and jammin' with The Temporary Residents very own musical maestro & vibe maker 'Lyrickal' live on air! It's gonna be off the chain soul people!

This Saturday 31st October...Only on 5-7pm (GMT) 11am-1pm (CST). Don't Miss it...Peace!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher #3 - Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought & DJ Premier

Brittany Bosco "Blues for Blue" and "Black and White"

Kev Brown - Another Random Joint

DOOM - Unexpected Guests preview trailer

Track Listing :

1. Get ‘Er Done feat. DOOM - Jake One
2. Fly That Knot feat. DOOM - Talib Kweli
3. Sniper Elite feat. DOOM - Dilla Ghostface DOOM
4. Trap Door feat. DOOM - Jake One
5. Sorcerers feat. DOOM & Invizible Handz - John Robinson
6. Da Supafriendz - Vast Aire
7. Quite Buttery - Count Bass D feat DOOM
8. ? - DOOM featuring Kurious
9. All Outta Ale - DOOM
10. E.N.Y. House - Masta Killa
11. Bells of DOOM - DOOM
12. My Favorite Ladies - DOOM
13. Street Corners (Remix) - Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck & GZA
DOOM’s Unexpected Guests is Out Now! Support The Artists & Buy Their Music!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Mayer Hawthorne 6-track green vinyl EP & Green Eyed Love Video

Waajeed & Classixx have both remixed Mayer Hawthorne's “Green Eyed Love” which will be released on the 6-track green vinyl EP from StonesThrow.

FREE DOWNLOAD : The Morpheus Soul Show ft. DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz, Sabira Jade & Ste-Keys aka The Electric {Live in the Studio}

On this very special edition of the show we played host to some very special guests including the hardest working man in the music business DJ Vadim, the beautiful singing voice that is Sabira Jade, the return of Supa Emcee/Deejay and good friend of the show Pugs Atomz for an exclusive interview with Vadim and the obligatory live freestyles from Sabira & Pugs alongside resident vibe maker ‘Lyrickal’ & The Electrics Ste-Keys on the keys! Off The Chain.

Download link after tracklisting : Spread The Word Soul People!

1. Klarity, Lyrickal, John Robinson, Senor Kaos, Pugs Atomz & Homeboy Sandman - The Morpheus Soul Show Theme Song [Prod By. Oddisee]

2. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - Universal Love (4hero presents Extensions)
3. Robert Glasper ft. Bilal - All Matter (Double Booked)
4. Dam Funk ft. Hollyweerd, Rozzie Daime & Grip Plyaz - Cut It Out

5. DJ Vadim ft. Skinnyman - Live From The Itchy Side
(U.S.S.R. Life From The Other Side)
6. StaHHr - Grandmaztaz (Almost Neva Was)
7. RAtheMC - Spaceship (Trending Topics)
8. Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - Back Again (Stormy)

Ten Mill Speaks with DJ Vadim {Live Interview}

15. DJ Vadim ft. Sabira Jade - I Want To Shout Out (U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun)
16. DJ Vadim ft. Pugs Atomz - Saturday (U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun)
17. John Robinson (Scienz Of Life) & DJ Dappa (Temp Res) - Soul To The Groove

The Morpheus Soul Top 5 Countdown

5. Floetic Lara - Mellow Yellow [Prod By. Don-E] (Jus Let It FLO)
4. Eric Roberson - The Newness (Music Fan First)
3. Aloe Blacc - What Was Your Name
2. Crown City Rockers - Go On (The Day After For Ever)
1. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Run Away (Early)

The Electric aka DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz, Sabira Jade & Ste Keys Perform Two Exclusive tracks from their forthcoming project! Beautiful, Don‘t You Agree?

The Vibemaster ‘Lyrickal’ joins in with the freestyle mayhem! Check for Sabira’s vocal horns over Ste’s Keys, Lyrickal’s beatbox & Pugs' freestyle. Dopeness!

The Prezedent Is In The Building!


Tuesday, 13 October 2009



Detroit emcee Finale has drawn inspiration from another rust belt city for his newest video, "The Senator," from his spring-released, highly acclaimed A Pipe Dream And A Promise. Both the song and video are based largely on David Simon and HBO's Baltimore epic The Wire. The Senator in question is State Senator Clay Davis, not one of the show's main characters but certainly one of its most fascinating and divisive. Davis is an exploitative figure that acts as an intermediary between drug dealers and real estate developers, pocketing cash from both sides all the while. Finale uses Davis as a means of getting the point of the song across: calling out liars who are fronting as something they aren't. The song opens with the line "I heard a lot of y'all talkin' / A lot of you not walkin'." Finale even manages to make Davis' trademark exclamation "sheeeeeiiiiittttt" a centerpiece of the song's chorus. The video seamlessly blends Finale's Detroit with The Wire's Baltimore and employs key scenes and lines from the show to carry across Finale's punchlines.

The video is directed by Roy Miles Jr., who developed the vide concept along with Interdependent Media General Manager/A&R, iD. On working together to create the video, Finale says, "I shot the footage of myself rapping while I was on the west coast doing interviews and press runs with Interdependent Media. When I left town I told iD and Roy what season's clip I used from The Wire. Roy and his assistant took the time to go through episodes of the show and find clips that synced up with various lines in the song. It's kind of dope that they were able to find specific scenes that matched up with what i was saying in the song."

The track, from Finale's debut A Pipe Dream And A Promise, features production by Waajeed. Finale pulls off an impressive tightrope walk in the song's lyrics. "The Senator" serves as a powerful call-out to those fronting as something they're not while incorporating the themes and action of the world of The Wire. "We climbin' up ladders and goin' through the suits / It ain't a game where the rappers hug and make up in order to take your books Iif it ain't truth I don't want it." Finale couples a smooth flow with impressively dense lyricism that will have the listener appreciating a new line with each progressive listen.

Warning! This video should come with a spoiler alert. If you haven't seen the entirety of The Wire and plan to watch it some day, DO NOT watch the video. It contains key plot moments and spoilers.

Homeboy Sandman – Spare Change (Video)

SPARE CHANGE- Homeboy Sandman (Rides Magazine Exclusive) directed by P.SO the Earth Tone King from P.SO (P.CASSO) on Vimeo.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Brittany Bosco Exclusive London Set (Sat Oct 31st)

Exclusive : Morpheus Soul ft. John Robinson (The Lost Session) - The Old Street FreeStyles [Free Download]

Recorded @ DJ Johnny Rebel's Crib
featuring John Robinson aka Lil Sci, Lyrickal, Klarity aka Kimba, Ten Mill, Dusty Fingaz aka Broken Teknologie aka DJ Dappa and DJ Johnny Rebel.

On Saturday September 5th 2009 John Robinson was set to join us Live on The Morpheus Soul Show for the second time but unfortunately due to technical problems the show had to be postponed.

DJ Johnny Rebel decided to get everyone together for an exclusive free style session at his place in Old Street, London. The Temporary Residents represented with Klarity & Lyrickal throwing down some hot verses alongside Plainfield, New Jersey word-smith and good friend of the show John Robinson.

DJ Johnny Rebel & DJ Dappa held it down on the wheels of steel and Ten Mill was the host for the evening. Hip-Hop with a touch of soul, a dash of reggae and plenty of class!

This is raw uncut audio, keeping it old skool with strictly vinyl, one mic and a recorder.

Enjoy & all feedback is much appreciated.

Download link below :

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pugs Atomz drops a hot 16 and announces his new group, The Electric, featuring DJ Vadim, Sabira Jade (singer), Ste Keyz (keyboard) & himself.

Mischievous Souls Artwork by Stephen Lopez

Souls of Mischief released the artwork and tracklist for their new studio album, Montezuma's Revenge, which also contains the artistic input of Prince Paul.

The LP is due in stores on December 2nd.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Won!
3. Postal
4. Tour Stories
5. Skit
6. Proper Aim
7. You Got It
8. Hiero HQ
9. Poets Skit
10. Poets
11. Mr. Freeman Skit
12. Fourmation
13. Dead Man Walkin
14. For Real Y'all
15. Lickity Split
16. Home Game
18. Lalala