Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {28th Apr '12}

"DJs and people in the street know what they like." Roy Ayers.

It's Saturday once again, and you know what that means? YES! Another fantastic two hours plus of simply the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop featuring DOPE music with Whosane, Smoke DZA, Dave from De La Soul, Homeboy Sandman,  Marc Mac, StaHHr, Erik Rico, Dezaray Dawn, The Legion & Roc Marciano. 

The Connoisseurs Corner has one track only from Mary, Scherrie & Susaye also known as The Supremes, I take you back to 1990 with some Classic Hip-Hop from Intelligent Hoodlum plus SO MUCH MORE & SO SO FRESH!!     

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. DJ Johnny Rebel.


Link after track-listing:

Masta Ace & DOOM - Slow Down (Ma Doom: Son Of Yvonne)
Whosane ft Jimmy Flexx - Brooklyn To Capetown [Prod By. Oh No] (Brooklyn EP)
RoQ’y TyRaiD - Her Bourne Identity [Prod By. Jimmy Flight] (Intelligent Design)
Intelligent Hoodlum - Game Type (Intelligent Hoodlum) 1990 A&M Records 

The Legion - Automatic Systematic
Prince Paul ft. Biz Markie & Chubb Rock – Mr. Large
(A Prince Among Thieves) 1999 Tommy Boy Music
Percee P ft. Karriem Riggins - Throw Back Drum Attack (Perseverance: The Madlib Remix)

Modill ft. Dave from De La Soul - Vacant Rhymes (Midnight Green) 2005 EV Productions
StaHHr - Get Right [Prod By. Astronote] (Mother Nature With A Molotov: Molotov Season)
Mountain Brothers - Paperchase (Self: Volume 1)

The Upstarts ft. Grap Luva - Real Definition [Prod By. Freddie Joachim] (The Know How)
Street Smarts - Problemz [Prod By. Buckwild] 1996 Tru Criminal Records 12” Single
Kay ft. Toby Hill - Soldiers Story [Prod By. Chris “Daddy” Dave] (The Talk Show)

The Beast & Nnenna Freelon ft. Kooley High - Once Again (Freedom Suite)
GWN - Long Lost Lover (The Definition)                                     
Pseudo Slang - Bedouin (We’ll Keep Looking) 2009 Fat Beats

Smoke DZA ft. Den10 - Continental Kush Breakfast
[Prod By. Kenny Beats] (George Kush The Button)
Homeboy Sandman - They Can’t Hang [Word To The Mother] 
[Prod By. Paul White] (Chimera EP)
Black Spade - She’s The One [20’s Love Song] (To Serve With Love) 2007 Om Records
Roc Marciano ft. Sean Price - Snow [DJ Illout Remix]

Dezaray Dawn - Over It (The Dawning)
Hidden Jazz Quartet ft. Omar - High Heels agogo 7” Single
Missoless ft. Erik Rico - Under The Sun [Laid Soul Remix]

TiRon & Ayomari - They Go [Prod By. Oddisee]
Pseudo Slang - Yes Doubt (We’ll Keep Looking) 2009 Fat Beats
Add-2 - Ain’t Sh*t Change [Prod By. Rightz]
QuESt - What Greatness Is Made Of [The Recipe]

The Beast & Nnenna Freelon - Umi Says (Freedom Suite)
GWN - Sounds Like (The Definition)                                      
Tribe - Livin’ A New Day (Rebirth)                                     

The Connoisseurs Corner

The Supremes - Come Into My Life (Mary, Scherrie & Susaye) 1976 Motown Records

Tribe - Where Am I (Rebirth)     
Homecut ft. J-Live - Time Difference
[Marc Mac Remix] (Homecut Remixed Volume 1)                                      


Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {21st Apr '12}

Skills Top rank point blank we vital / Spit flows rip shows peep the recital-    Guru R.I.P

Another funktastic two hours plus of the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop featuring music with Mr. J. Medeiros, Gregory Porter, Tanya Morgan,  Sabrina Malheiros, W. Ellington Felton, Eric Lau, Homeboy Sandman, Oddisee & Mac Miller.    

The Connoisseurs Corner has three random joints  that I was feeling through the week from Lee Dorsey, American Gypsy & Sweet Blindness plus SO MUCH MORE & SO SO DOPE!!!  

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. DJ Johnny Rebel.


Link after track-listing:

Robert Glasper - Sound Check Intro (Black Radio)
Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions - Fat Booty Expressions
(Steely Chan presents: Mos World)
Positive K - How The F**k Would You Know
[Prod By. Easy L.G.] (The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills) 1992
Kane Mayfield ft. Homeboy Sandman - Over Ya Head

Eric Lau ft. Oddisee - What I’d Rather
K. Sparks - Clair [Prod By. Payozo]
Mac Miller ft. Curren$y - Cold [Prod By. Chuck Inglish]
Neak ft. Caroline Davis - Half [Prod By. Rashid Hadee] (Love Greater The Prequel)

Boog Brown - Dope Girl Magic [Prod By. Illastrate]
L.O.W.F.I. Music ft. Josiah Woodson - Sunshine State Of Mind
Tanya Morgan ft. Tiffany Paige - Do It Tanya [Prod By. Von Pea] (You & What Army)
Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions - Mathematical Ladies
(Steely Chan presents: Mos World)
Mr. J. Medeiros ft. Jonathan Korsyzk - What Of Love [Prod By. The Stare] (Pale Blue Dot EP)

Gregory Porter - On My Way To Harlem (Be Good)
Myron - Best Is Yet To Come (Myron & The Works) 2008 Blues Interactions Japan
Bass: Me'Shell NdegéOcello Drums: Charles Haynes Keyboards: Robert Glasper  
Full Crate & Jesse Boykins III - See With Me (Her Throne)

Sabrina Malheiros - Boberia [Digital Dreaming Intro] (Dreaming) 
Meemee Nelzy - On Ti Fanm Kon Mwen [Prod By. Kn7azz from Papajazz] (Kréyòl Seasoning)

Motion Lab ft. Reggie Watts - Anywhere  
Modern Groove Assembly ft. Sy Smith - Our Time To Shine
(The Kajmere Sound Vol. 1) 2006 Kajmere Sound Recordings

Liquid Spirits ft. Phonte - 4everyday (Liquid Spirits) 2006 Kindred Spirits
Sol Elder - Song 4 U (Song Of Solomon, Book 1) 2005 BolaMarge Entertainment
Lady Alma - Be Free (All About The Musick (LIVE!))

Othello + The Pocket Change Band - All I Got To Give (Translation Please)
Common ft. Erykah Badu - All Night Long [The Brand New Heavies Remix] 1998 Relativity

Corinne Bailey Rae - I Would Like To Call It Beauty
[Freddie Joachim Reprise]                             

Mr. Brady & Elaquent ft. Piff - Tonight (Sayin Somethin EP)

The Connoisseurs Corner

Lee Dorsey - Occapella (Yes We Can) 1970 Polydor Records
Sweet Blindness - Give It To You Right Now (Music You Can Ride On) 1976 Celebration
American Gypsy - Inside Out (Angel Eyes) 1974 Philips

Bonus Tracks

W. Ellington Felton ft. Bilal Salaam - Go On And Get Down Girl (Handle With Care)
Leroge - Best Friend [Prod By. Michael McPherson & Leroge]


Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {14th Apr '12}

"Creativity shouldn't be following radio; it should be the other way around".
Herbie Hancock (b. April 12, 1940)

Yeah Baby! Just over two hours of the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop featuring music with Hawthorne Headhunters, Jay Electronica, Raashan Ahmad, Stik Figa, Kooley High, IncognitoKev Brown & Lady Alma.
The Connoisseurs Corner has three rare groove classics  from Lemuria, Mystique & Eighties Ladies plus SO MUCH MORE. Check It!!!   

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. DJ Johnny Rebel.


Link after track-listing:

Q-Tip feat. Busta Rhymes - For The Nasty [Freddie Joachim Remix] 
YC The Cynic - Return Of The Slick (You’re Welcome)
8th W1 - Death Of A Slacker [Prod By. Nas550] (Love, Money & Music)

aBoySandThrowsStones Promotion

Homeboy Sandman - Chimera Out Now [Prod By. Fred Ones]
The Boy Sand has created this fresh joint to celebrate the release of the Chimera EP which is out now on Stones Throw Records and is available on vinyl as well as a digital download. Dope!

LMNO & Kev Brown - James Brown (Selective Hearing Part 2) 2010 Up Above Records
Osaka Monaurail - I Wanna Go [Where The Soulful People Gather ‘Round]
(Thankful for what you’ve done-Very Live) 2001 RD Records
LMNO & Kev Brown - James Brown Pt. 2 (Selective Hearing Part 2) 2010 Up Above Records

Mystro ft. Ramsom Badbonez, Skandal & Stig Of The Dump - It’s____ (Digmund Freud EP)
Viktor Vaughn - Change The Beat (Vaudeville Villain)
Stik Figa - Medicine [Prod By. Michael “Seven” Summers] (As Himself)

Median - Maglite [Prod By. 9th Wonder] (The Path To Relief) 2006 Beathut Records
Symbolyc One & Illmind ft. El Da Sensei & Chip Fu - Onemind
[Prod By. Symbolyc One] (The Art Of One Mind) 2005 BBE 
grooveman Spot aka DJ Kou-G ft. Capitol A - The Blow
(Eternal Development) 2006 Planetgroove
Dela ft. Large Professor & Meemee Nelzy - Chill
(Changes Of Atmosphere) 2006 Drink Water Music

Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskin [Prod By. Just Blaze] (Act II: The Patents Of Nobility)
Mach Five ft. Bilal & Hollyweerd - Breaking My Heart
[Prod By. Kyle “Pro” Stewart] (Ratchet Shit Vol. 2)
Kooley High ft. Skyzoo - For The Record [Sinopsis Remix] 
Isaac Jones feat Kenn Starr & Sean Born - Look
[Prod By. Kev Brown] (You Think You Know Vol. II)
Kev Brown ft. Bilal Salaam - No Time (Random Joints)

Unspoken Heard ft. Grap Luva & J-Live - Trackrunners
[Prod By. Grap Luva] (Jamboree EP) 1999 Seven Heads
Sene ft. Prefyx - Diggin’ It [Prod By. Chief] (Beautifully Ugly)

Lady Alma - Love’s Time [LIVE!]
Incognito ft. Vanessa Haynes, Imaani & Mo Brandis - The Way You Love
(Surreal) Dome Records
Dilouya ft. N’Dea Davenport - Right Time (Dilouya’s Faithful Circus) Magnificent

Hawthorne Headhunters ft. I Am - Luv Galactic (Myriad Of Now) Plug Research
Jack Herrera - Déjà Vu (Retro Futuristo)
Incognito ft. Natalie Williams - The Stars From Here (Surreal) Dome Records

The Connoisseurs Corner

Lemuria - Moonlight Affair (Lemuria) 1978 Heaven Records
Mystique - Fill You Up (Mystique) 1977 Curtom Records
Eighties Ladies - He Is Mine Forever [Prod By. Roy Ayers]
(Ladies Of The Eighties) 1980 Uno Melodic Records

Bonus Tracks

Raashan Ahmad - Meaning Of Life (Can’t Begin To Know)
Myron - Relax (Myron & The Works)                                     
Bass: Me'Shell NdegéOcello Drums: Charles Haynes Keyboards: Robert Glasper
2008 Blues Interactions Japan


Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast & Track-Listing {7th Apr '12}

"Extended Bank Holiday Edition"

On this extended edition you'll hear some fresh joints featuring music with Diamond D, Incognito, Fayth Hope, Omar, Fresh Daily, Act Proof, Tall Black Guy and Mr Brady & Elaquent.
The Connoisseurs Corner has two rarities from Christian Gaubert & Conrad Benjamin plus SO MUCH MORE!!!   

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings. DJ Johnny Rebel.


Link after track-listing:

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Hold On Intro [1970 Apple Records] 
Diamond D - Deflate Cha
Actual Proof - Black Boy Radio [Prod By. Semaj] (Black Boy Radio: Extended Airplay)
Clear Soul Forces - Half As Long-Twice As Bright [Prod By. Ilajide] (Detroit Revolution(s)

Quasimoto - Jazz Cats Pt. 1 [Prod By. Madlib] (The Unseen) [2000 Stones Throw Records] 
Tab One of Kooley High - Who’s That? [Prod By. Foolery] (The Tabloids)
Like (Pac Div) ft. Diz Gibran - If That Ain’t Love (Our Old Shit Is Better Than Your New Shit)

Stik Figa - Groundhog Day [Prod By. Leonard DStroy] (Best of Stik Figa)
Pheo - Picky Eaters [Prod By. Tek Nalo G] (They Soulection EP)
Señor Kaos ft. Ozy Reigns & Lyric Jones - New And Improved
[Prod By. Illastrate] (The Kaos Effect)

Fayth Hope - Just Breathe  (Out Of Obscurity, Pt. 1: From The Darkness..)
Incognito ft. Mo Brandis - This Must Be Love (Surreal) 
Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons - Sea And Sky (Moon Bossa)

Dilouya ft. Omar - Over The Sun (Dilouya’s Faithful Circus)
JLaine, TFOX & Wes Felton - Love Is Somethin’ Mo’ (Antithesis)
Zo! ft. Tiffany Paige - Yooou [Prod By. Zo!] (Freelance)

Mr Brady & Elaquent ft. Moka Only - Yo Yo [Prod By. Elaquent] (Sayin Somethin EP)
Johnson&Jonson [Blu + Mainframe] - Been Such A Longtime [Interlude] (Powders & Oils)
Fresh Daily ft. Moruf & Black Spade - Workin It Out [’96 Cipher Style]
[Prod By. Suede Jury] (The Brooklyn Good Guy)
Moka Only & Ayatollah - Afford The Best (Bridges)

Coultrain - Playin’ Catch Up (The Adventures Of Seymour Liberty)
Miles Bonny - Yes I Do [Prod By. A.C. Layne] (Closer Love EP)
Diggs Duke - Something In My Soul (Black Gold)

Mr Brady & Elaquent - Its Yours [Prod By. Elaquent] (Sayin Somethin EP)

Jack Herrera - What U Feel (Retro Futuristo) 1999 
Rocket Juice & The Moon ft. Erykah Badu - Manuela (Rocket Juice & The Moon)
Betty Wright & The Roots - Tonight Again (The Movie)

The Connoisseurs Corner

Christian Gaubert - Sweet Maryline (Last Exit) 1979 RCA Victor Records
Conrad Benjamin - Why Should I Think The Way I Do (Saturn) 1982 Nebula Records

Bonus Tracks

THEESatisfaction - Existinct (awE naturalE)
Maylee Todd - Hieroglyphics [Tall Black Guy Remix]