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A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {The Letter C}

This edition of Morpheus Soul is brought to you by the letter C and the number 3.

Greetings and salutations lovers of good music. It's time for me to present the third episode of my alphabetical series featuring artists beginning with the letter "C". Welcome back aboard the good-ship for your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast, and what a line up of beautiful sounds I have prepared for this fantastic voyage. Let's raise the anchor as I present yet another jam packed edition of Morpheus Soul playing the very best in progressive soul & hip-hop...Let's Go!!

So, the letter C is the theme and you will jammin' to beats, rhymes and song featuring incredibly dope music with [please fill in the missing letter]... _olonel Red, _huuwee, _herie Mathieson, _urtis Mayfield, _raig Ma_k, _onya Doss, _lara Hill, _ount Bass D, _amp Lo, _ommon, _reative Sour_e, _armen M_Rae, _onrad Benjamin, _armen Rodgers, _arlitta Durrand, _ella Dwellas, _unninLynguists, _e_ilia Stalin, _hante Moore, _alvin Ri_hardson, _ompton, _hali 2na, _ra_kin’, _oultrain, _lassi_Beatz, _hris Turner, _ro-Magnon, _he Grand, _o$$, _lear Soul For_es, _ookin’ Soul, _y Young, _rown _ity Ro_kers, _riti_ally A__laimed,  
_alvin Flowers, _hris Faust, _hima Anya & _al Tjader. [Answers Below].

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Joy. 
Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Colman Brothers - El NiƱo [Big Band 7 Edit] 2006 WahWah 45s Single
Compton ft. Jaidene Veda - Bluenotes (Compton’s Soul) 2012 Peng
Colonel Red ft. Ursula Rucker - Gimme A Minute
(Keep Walkin) 2011 Tokyo Dawn Records
Conya Doss - Stay (Just Because) 2004 Dome Records

Che Grand & DJ Low Key with The Lessondary - Star [Pimps In Canada]
(Fixtape 2: In It For The Drink Ticket) 2010 ZFTP
Clear Soul Forces -15 Minutes [Prod By. Ilajide]
(Detroit Revolution(s)) 2012 Rappers I Know
Co$$ - Spaceman [Prod By. Fonetik Simbol] (Before I Awoke) 2011 Tres Records
Cookin’ Soul & NahRight ft. Mickey Factz - Flying Baloons
(1:00 A.M. And Rising) 2009 Mixtape

Crown City Rockers ft. Destani Wolf - Sidestep 1
[Prod By. Headnodic] (Weekend Soul EP) 2004 P-Vine Records
Chris Faust ft. Outasight - Looking Back [Prod By. Ibe] (FAUST) 2011
Cy Young - Whatever You Like [Prod By. Ken Wood]
(Exactly!The LP Extended Version) 2009 Low Budget Crew

Critically Acclaimed - Wallflower [Prod By. Kev Brown]
2003 Up Above Records 12” Single
Chuuwee - The What! [Prod By. Ohbliv] (Wild Style) 2012Mixtape
Calvin Flowers - Something For Your Mind (The Social E.P.) 2012 Self-release
Chima Anya - Cupid’s Net (New Day) 2010 Mixtape

Cherie Mathieson - Tomorrows Day [Prod By. Dego & Mark De Clive-Lowe]
(2000Black Presents The Good Good Vol. 3) 2006 2000 Black
Cro-Magnon ft. Roy Ayers - Midnight Magic (4U) 2010 Jazzy Sport
Chris Turner - SocialLife [ERIMAJ] (LOVElife is a Challenge) a mixtape 2012

Clara Hills Folkwaves - Everything [Prod By. Marc Mac]
(Sideways) 2007 Sonar Kollektiv
ClassicBeatz ft. Sixteenstone - Think Of You (Rumors Of Royalty) 2013
Coultrain - Green [Prod By. Kenautis Smith]
(The Adventures Of Seymour Liberty) 2008 JuJu Dust Music

The Connoisseurs Corner Part 1

Crackin’ - You’re Winning (Makings Of A Dream) 1977 Warner Bros. Records
Conrad Benjamin - Why Should I Think The Way I Do (Saturn) 1982 Nebula Records
Curtis Mayfield - Underground [Demo]
(Curtis: Remastered) 2000 Rhino Records / Curtom

Craig Mack - Get Down [Q-Tip Remix] 1994 Arista 12” Single
Chali 2na ft. Elzhi - When Will I See You Again (Fish Outta Water) 2009 Decon
Common ft. Bilal & Prince - Star *69 [PS With Love]
[Prod By. J Dilla] (Electric Circus) 2002 MCA Records

Calvin Richardson ft. Slum Village - You Got Me High
[Prod By. Young RJ] (2:35 P.M.) 2003 Hollywood Records
Chante Moore - Special [Prod By. Raphael Saadiq]
(Love The Woman) 2008 Peak Records
Cecilia Stalin - Alternative Aisha [Prod By. Drew Beats]
(Step Like A Giant - The Alternative Takes) 2012

CunninLynguists ft. Devin The Dude - Wonderful
[Prod By. Kno] (Dirty Acres) 2007 Bad Taste Records
Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match [Prod By. Nick Wiz]
(Realms‘N Reality) 1996 Loud Records

Carlitta Durrand & Vaughn Garcia - Official [Applejac’s Meccafficial Remix]
(Doug + Patty: Season Two- In Sheckyvision) 2010
Carmen Rodgers - Dream (Free) 2002 MCA Records

The Connoisseurs Corner Part 2

Conrad Benjamin - Saturn (Saturn) 1982 Nebula Records
Carmen McRae - Can’t Hide Love (Can’t Hide Love) 1976 Blue Note
Creative Source - Rainbow On The Ground (Pass The Feelin’ On) 1975 Polydor

Camp Lo - Sparkle [Prod By. Ski] (Uptown Saturday Night) 1997 Profile Records
Count Bass D & DJ Pocket ft. Flux & H20 - Gotta Have Soul
(Hartsfield JAXson) 2010 Serious Knock Ent
Cal Tjader - Aquarius (The Prophet) 1968 Verve Records


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