Saturday, 24 August 2013

Morpheus Soul {Love Is...The Lost Tape: Side C}

"I've always gone against the grain, Something in my soul" [Diggs Duke].

This is the first of two Bank Holiday Specials that I've decided to bless your ears with this weekend soul people. It's the third of the "Love is..." series and I chose to give it the sub-heading of "The Lost Tape" because I originally started putting this together a few months back, but due to a power cut half way through recording, it wasn't saved so I put it on hold until now. I changed it up a little bit, made a few alterations and finally it's complete. So hop aboard and let's raise the anchor and raise our glasses as we take another extended cruise where; today...Love once again is definitely the main course. On this special edition of your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast  you'll begin your journey by inserting the cassette {side c}, pressing play, where you'll be greeted by sublime music and Morpheus Soul favourites featuring Joy Jones, Floetry, Vivian Green, Lewis Taylor, HEAVy, Peven Everett, Tony Ozier, Bilal Salaam, Jaguar Wright, Choklate, Frank McComb, Algebra Blessett, Jamie Hawkins, Erik Rico, Lady Alma, The Politik, Esperanza SpaldingVenus Malone, Iman Williams, Diggs Duke, Marlon Saunders, Platinum Pied Pipers, Häzel, Braxton Brothers & Soul:ID.

Also featured is the Brand New Single from the simply brilliant Colonel Red from his forthcoming album "Red Light" and an unreleased joint from 2006 from songstress Támar.

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Love. Peace & Blessings.
Link after track-listing: ENJOY!
Side C

Marlon Saunders - The Beginning Of Never (Enter My Mind) 2003 Black Honey Records
Diggs Duke - Something In My Soul (Black Gold EP) 2011
Häzel ft. Ebrahim - This Is Dope (Lost Tapes) 2012 The Beat Down

Brigette - MuchToo Much (Starlite Lounge) 2005 Expansion
Platinum Pied Pipers ft. Tiombe Lockhart - I Got You (Triple P) 2005 Ubiquity Records
Iman Williams + Bobby Blunt - Before [Prod by. BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble] 2011

Bilal - You Are (1st Born Second) 2001 Interscope Records
Braxton Brothers ft. Ledisi & Monet - Better Than Nothing
(Both Sides) 2002 Peak Records
Soul:ID - Beauty & Sin (Sex, Love & Philosophy) 2007 ABB Soul
Venus Malone - Eye On The Prize [Prod by. J. Rawls]
(Pretty On The Inside) 2002 Groove Attack Productions/Upgrade Records

The Politik {Mark De Clive-Lowe & Bembe Segue} -
Xtra Sensory (The Politik) 2007 Antipodean Records
Lady Alma - Gotta Be A Way (Pressure EP) 2007 Antipodean
Joy Jones - Glass Boxes (Godchild) 2009 Future Soul Records

Esperanza Spalding ft. Joe Lovano - I Can’t Help It
(Radio Music Society) 2012 Heads Up International
Erik Rico - Making Love (Journey Back To Me) 2007 LifeNotes Music

Jamie Hawkins - Lost My Mind (Jamie Hawkins) 2000 EastWest Promo
Algebra Blessett - U Do It For Me (Purpose)2008 Kedar Entertaiment Group
Choklate - Bigger Than You (Choklate) 2006 Kajmere Sound Recordings

Frank McComb - Never Letting Go (The Truth: Volume One) 2003 Expansion
Musiq Soulchild ft. Aaries - Settle For Your Love {Intermission}
(Aijuswanaseing) 2000 Def Soul
Jaguar Wright - Self Love (Denials,Delusions & Decisions) 2002 MCA Records

Bilal Salaam - Blah (Blah Time Between Asleep And Awake) 2007 Octave Japan
Tony Ozier - It’s True (Mental Candy) 2006 Beats Galore Records
Billy Porter - Borrowed Time (Untitled) 1997 DV8Records

Peven Everett - Everyday Girl (Studio Confessions) 2001 Genuine
HEAVy - mylittlesong (Jazz Money$$) 2007 BBE Records
Lewis Taylor - Betterlove (Lewis Taylor) 1996 Island Records

Vivian Green - Sweet Memory (Beautifully Young) (Vivian) 2005 Columbia
Floetry - Getting Late (Floetic) 2002 Dream Works Records


Colonel Red - Believe In Me (Red Light) Ink Rebellion

Joy Jones - Over (Godchild) 2009 Future Soul Records
Támar - All Eye Want Is U (Milk & Honey) 2006 Unreleased


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