Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {29th Jun '13}

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything [Plato].

Another week over can only mean that it's time once again, for yet another Supa-Dope Brand New Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast. Let's take a virtual cruise on board 'The Good Ship' as I hit you up with the very best in progressive soul and hip-hop. It's your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast and I'm inviting each and every one of you to raise the anchor and wave goodbye to reality for just a couple of hours, relax and vibe out to some grown folk business. Shutterbugg!!!

On this incredible edition, we'll be smooth sailing to beats, rhymes and life with guaranteed future classics featuring Eric Lau, Coultrain, Gummy Soul, Wes Felton, Mr Porter, Kooley High, Jermiside, Dexter, Shawn Jackson, Warm Brew, Omar, Rome Clientel, Action Bronson, Johnson&Jonson, Lyric L, Paper Tiger, Tony Touch, Kid Tsunami, Telemachus, Quasimoto, Tensei & The Ones, Soul Of Earth, 8thW1 & PVD & L.A.M.P.

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Ta-ku - Electr(on)ic Relaxation (Re-TwerkVol.II)
Johnson&Jonson {Blu & Mainframe} - Go For The Gusto Room
(Johnson&Jonson) 2008 TresRecords
Royal-Tee ft. Phonte - All They Can Do (Alumni)
Mr Porter - Luther’s Last Song (Porter Chops Glasper) RappCats

Tony Touch ft. Too Short, Xzibit & Kurupt - V.I.P. (The Piece Maker 3…Return Of The 50 MC’s)
Quasimoto - Planned Attack [Prod By. Madlib] (Yessir Whatever) Stones Throw
Kid Tsunami ft. Masta Ace - Twothousand40 (The Chase) Fat Beats
8thW1 & PVD - The Note (Lux De Ville)

Telemachus ft. Roc Marciano - Scarecrows
Paper Tiger ft. Homeboy Sandman - The Sting
Mr Porter - Sad n a Mofo (Porter Chops Glasper) RappCats
Tensei & The Ones ft. Adad - Alright!

Missoless ft. Erik Rico - Under The Sun
[LAID S.O.U.L. Remix] ManyVibes Music
Soul Of Earth ft. Omar- This Is Something Getting’ Heavy (Electromagnetic EP)
Bobby (Robin Hannibal) - More Than Just A Friend

L.A.M.P. (Andy Compton & Ladybird) - Your Fortune (Shades Of Green) Peng Records
Eric Lau ft. Fatima - Devine (One Of Many) Kilawatt Music
Lyric L - Cold Feet [Prod By. Drew Beats] (Amazed) Fresh Rotations

Dexter - SummerDays (Drop Out) (The Trip) MPM
Otis Redding x BigBoi - Shutterbugg [Gummy Soul Remix]
Quasimoto - Sparkdala [Prod By. Madlib] (Yessir Whatever) Stones Throw

8thW1 & PVD - Get It Together (Lux De Ville)
Action Bronson - Heel Toe [Prod By. Harry Fraud] [Unreleased] Atlantic/VICE Music
Rome Clientel ft. Scott Mayo - Guts & Glory [Prod By. Damien Cornwell]

Eric Lau ft. Rahel - Here (One Of Many) Kilawatt Music
L.A.M.P. (Andy Compton & Ladybird) - Only You Know (Shades Of Green) Peng Records
Omar - Simplify (The Man) Freestyle Records
Ab ft. Phonte - All This Love (Prologue Vol. II)

Warm Brew - Word [Prod By. Lord Quest] (TheRide)
Shawn Jackson ft. Ty of Ty & Kory - Soopafly (First Of All…) 2008 Tres Records
Blu - Comfy In The Track [Bolts Remix] (Potholes In My Sessions) Potholes Music

Jermiside ft. Nicky Guiland - Every Time (Live & Let Live)
Mr Porter - Told Y’all! (Porter Chops Glasper) RappCats
Kooley High ft. Homeboy Sandman - Unfound (Presents…David Thompson)

Wes Felton w/GrapLuva & yU - Poet’s Last Piece Of Pie
[Prod By. J. Laine] (The Last Temptation Of Wes Felton)
Wally Clark of Gummy Soul - Hibicus (Sportin’Waves)
Eric Lau ft. Oddisee & Olivier St. Louis - Rise Up (One Of Many) Kilawatt Music

Coultrain ft. Jimetta Rose - People Like Us (Junk) (Jungle Mumbo Jumbo) Plug Research
Eric Lau ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Lily Of The Desert (One Of Many) Kilawatt Music
L.A.M.P. (Andy Compton & Ladybird) - Fly Baby Fly (Shades Of Green) Peng Records


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