Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {13th Apr '13}

Don Blackman (September 1, 1953 - April 11, 2013) R.I.P.

It's Saturday and it's that time of the week for me to raise the anchor once again and set sail on another smooth cruise aboard the good ship Morpheus. Please have your boarding passes ready and be prepared to be edutained for over two hours with simply the best in progressive soul and hip-hop niceness.

On this special edition of your favourite artists, favourite pod-cast, I pay tribute to the late, great
Don Blackman
who sadly passed away last Thursday and will be sorely missed by family, friends and music lovers across the globe. As well as classic Don Blackman songs, I'll be droppin' three of my favourite Don Blackman sample based Hip-Hop Joints from L. The Head Toucha,  
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Slum Village as well as records produced, written, arranged and featuring a Jazz-funk Legend. R.I.P.

I've also selected fresh Soul Jams aplenty and mouth watering Rap Flavas with Omar, Substantial, Nas, Thad Reid, Mos Def, J. Rawls, Von Pea, Jermiside, Quelle Chris, Ty, Talib Kweli, Smoke DZA, Eric Lau, Thelonius Martin, Raashan Ahmad & Zo!

Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Joy. 

Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Link after track-listing: ENJOY!

Zo! - Holding You, Loving You (…Just Visiting Too)  
Foreign Exchange Music [Written by Don Blackman]
Esperanto ft. Don Blackman - Glad That You Were Mine (Esperanto) 1995 Soul Jazz Records

The Connoisseurs Corner Part One

Weldon Irvine - I Love You (Sinbad) 1976 RCA Victor [Written and arranged by Don Blackman]
Don Blackman - Heart’s Desire (Don Blackman) 1982 GRP
Bernard Wright - Haboglabotribin' (‘Nard) 1981 GRP
[Written by. Produced by and featuring Don Blackman]

Omar - The Man Freestyle Records
Eric Lau ft. Rahel - Everytime Kilawatt Music Limited
Ty ft. Akala & Durrty Goodz - Playing With Fire (Kick, Snare And An Idea part 1) Tru Thoughts

Von Pea & Aeon - Alive (Duly Noted. EP) HiPNOTT Records
Thad Reid - Best Friends [Prod By. Shuko] (The Attic) Blue Collar Muzik
Thelonius Martin ft. Ev4n Holt - Homme Is Real (From Me To You)

Quelle Chris ft. Mosel & Cavalier - Aura (N****s Is Men) Mello Music Group
Mos Def - The Light Is Not Afraid of The Dark
[Prod By. Kanye West] Unreleased Tru3 Magic sessions
Smoke DZA ft. The Kid Daytona - Arn & Tully
[Prod By. The Quartemaine] (The New York Renaissance)

Who Sampled Don Blackman R.I.P.

{Three of my favourites}

DJ Jazzy Jeff ft.
Pos - Let Me Hear You Clap 
(The Return of The Magnificent) 2007 Rapster Records
Slum Village - Go Ladies (Fantastic, Vol. 2) 2000 Good Vibe Recordings
L. The Head Toucha - Too Complex [Prod By. Vinyl Reanimators] 1997 Direct Records

Raashan Ahmad - Mebguel [Love] (Ceremony) Jakarta Records
Von Pea & Aeon - Pessimistic (Duly Noted. EP) HiPNOTT Records
Ty - Knock Knock (Kick, Snare And An Idea part 1) Tru Thoughts

Substantial ft. Serenity - Intrepid (Jackin’ Jill) Mello Music Group
Raashan Ahmad ft. Homeboy Sandman - No No No [Prod By. 20Syl]
(Ceremony) Jakarta Records
Jermiside X Jonathan Lowell - So Good (A Dream Of Consciousness)

Talib Kweli ft. Miguel - Come Here (Prisoner of Conscious) Blacksmith/EMI
Nas ft. Lei-An - Blaze A 50 [Funky DL Remix] (Jazzmatic: Nas Remixes) Washington Classics
Raashan Ahmad - Mama Nature (Ceremony) Jakarta Records

Jéan P - Shining Bright [Prod By. Lakim]                             
Thad Reid - Time Flies [Prod By. Antagonist] (The Attic) Blue Collar Muzik
J. Rawls ft. LxEfortheUncool and P Blackk - Stakes Still High (LCP 3.5) PolarEntLLC

Substantial - Whenever You’re Around [Unofficial Remix] (Jackin’ Jill) Mello Music Group 
Omar ft. Pino Palladino - There’s Nothing Like This Freestyle Records

The Connoisseurs Corner Part Two

Don Blackman - (Don Blackman) 1982 GRP

Holding You, Loving You
Never Miss A Thing
Since You’ve Been Away So Long


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