Saturday, 17 September 2011

Pod-Cast & Track-listing: The Morpheus Soul Show {17th Sep '11}

On this edition of your favourite artists, favourite radio show show we dropped some incredibly dope  music featuring tracks with The Primeridian, Oddisee, Median, Homeboy Sandman, MF Doom, Heidi Vogel, Kenny Thomas, Bahamadia, 9th Wonder, Colonel Red & Tall Black Guy. 

The Connoisseurs Corner takes you back to 1976 with BackIIBack music from Stone Alliance & we also hit you with a BackIIBack ’89 Rewind from Big Daddy Kane.


Link after track-listing:

Erik Rico - That’s The Time
Vanessa Simon - Another Way [Tall Black Guy Remix]
Colonel Red ft. Ursula Rucker - Gimme Me A Minute (Keep Walkin’)
Cecilia Stalin - Afro Blue: Awakening [Prod By Soul Parlor] (Afro Blue EP)

BK One with Benzilla ft. MF Doom - Tema Do Canibal
[Exile’s Mind The Gap Remix] (Tema Do Canibal EP)
Paul White ft. Homeboy Sandman - A Weird Day (Rapping With Paul White)
Maffew Ragazino, Action Bronson, Homeboy Sandman, Kaimbr & Jon Connor - 5X8
[Prod By Peter Rosenberg] (Peter Rosenberg presents What’s Poppin’ Vol. 1)

Oddisee ft. Olivier Daysoul - Mattered Much (Rock Creek Park)
Median - Open My Thoughts [Prod By 9th Wonder] (The Sender)
9th Wonder ft. Raekwon & Big Remo - No Pretending (The Wonder Years)

One for the Collection:

The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy are Darling Lure

High Noon Stank
Hang On
Love Hurts

Back II Back ’89 Rewind Big Daddy Kane-  It’s A Big Daddy Thing  
Cold Chillin’ Records 1989

Young, Gifted and Black [Prod By Marley Marl]
Mortal Combat [Prod By Big Daddy Kane]

This Weeks Top 5 Countdown

5. Median ft. Phonte, YahZarah & Bahamadia - Special
[Prod By Astronote] (The Sender)
4th week in the chart and this former number two is still hanging in at this week’s number five.

4. The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy ft. Naledge - Bucktown
(The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy are Darling Lure)

3. Mark De Clive Lowe ft. Nia Andrews - Hooligan (Label Love Vol. III)
3rd week in the chart and up one place from last weeks number four.

2. 9th Wonder ft. Phonte & Median - Band Practice pt. II [The Wonder Years]  
2nd week in the chart and it’s second at the number two spot.

1. Colonel Red - Can We Work It Out (Keep Walkin’)
2nd week in the chart and week two and the number one spot.

One 51 ft. Heidi Vogel - Bring Me To Your Life
Colonel Red - Systematic Mathamatik (Keep Walkin’)
Kenny Thomas - Baby It’s You (Breathe)

The Connoisseurs Corner

Stone Alliance- Stone Alliance 1976 

Samba De Negro
Sweetie Pie  


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