Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pod-cast & Track-listing: The Morpheus Soul Show {15th Jan '11}

Thanks to everybody that tuned in to the live edition of this episode, unfortunately we were expecting our first special guest of 2011, Miss Nadine Charles, but due to unforeseen circumstances was unable to make it. She sends her apologies and will make arrangements to appear in the very near future.

However, it did give us the opportunity to drop some hip-hop & soul bangers which hopefully kept you entertained for two hours, including music featuring Smoke DZA, Amp Fiddler and Tuesday nights Very Special Guest {18th Jan} and our first of this year, the incredible HOMEBOY SANDMAN!


Link after track-listing:

Pugs Atomz
& Wes Restless - Good Thing [Prod By. Mac-P]

Trumaine Lamar - Still (Things I Should’ve Told Her)
Nadine Charles - You Are The One
Elisha Laverne
- Got Me [Prod By. DJ Devastate] (10K Above EP)

Nottz - Shine So Brite (You Need This Music)
Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys ft. YC The Cynic & Sene -
Mr. Brown [Prod By. 2 Hungry Bros.] (Free Shabazz)
YC The Cynic ft. Backwordz, P.So & 8th W1- Fall FWD Remix
[Prod By. 2 Hungry Bros.]
Torae - Point Of View [Prod By. Eric G] (Heart Failure Mixtape)

2000 Black - Simple Sacrifice (A Next Set A Rockers)
Alton Miller ft. Amp Fiddler - Light Years Away (Light Years Away)
Donn T - Beautiful Day (Kaleidoscope)

BACK II BACK ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Hueston Independent Spit District

H.I.S.D. ft. Michele Thibeaux - Runnin (The District)
H.I.S.D. - 2 Strong (The District)

This Weeks Top 5 Countdown

5. JR & PH7 ft. Oddisee & Olivier Daysoul - Hustle & Flow (The Update)
3rd week in the charts & down four places.

4. Nottz ft. Terese Cook - No Money Down (You Need This Music)

3. Allegra Dolores ft. Race of Primeridian -
The Return Of Here And Now [Prod By. Tall Black Guy]

2. Ski Beatz
ft. Curren$y & Smoke DZA - Nothing But Us (24 Hour Karate School)
4th week in the charts & a non-mover.

1. Wes Felton with Marshall Keys - Yours Completely
[Ryan Barber Re-work] (Land Of Sheep, Ran By Pigs, Ruled By Wolves)
9th week in the charts. Wes originally had three weeks at the number one spot and unfortunately dropped to the number three spot. The people have spoken and they wanted more!

Brandon ft. Lexx Black - If Your Love Was A Crime
(Lover’s Lane EP)
1982 ft. Action Bronson - The Money Is Reality
(The Evening News EP)
Smoke DZA - The Early Days Of George
(T.H.C. The Hustler’s Catlog) [Prod By. DJ Hi-Tek]

Nadine Charles - You’re My Boy

Homeboy Sandman - The Essence (The Good Sun)
Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop (The Good Sun)

The Connoisseurs Corner

The Main Ingredient
- California My Way (Euphrates River)


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