Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Morpheus Soul Show (17th & 18th Sept) A Double Podcast Special ft. Tanya Morgan LIVE! in the studio & some HOT EXCLUSIVES!


This week has been a busy one for The Morpheus Soul Show family as we went BackIIBack with two fantastic shows last Friday and Saturday.

On Friday [part 1] we played host to Brooklyn & Cincinnati's finest 'Tanya Morgan' who dropped into the studio to talk about their brand new albums & drop a dope freestyle for you the listeners alongside the resident vibes-master 'Lyrickal'.

Big Shout to Jerry Barnett for hanging out with us in the studio and taking some great pics...(Coming Soon!)

On Saturday's show [part 2] we dropped some hot EXCLUSIVES! from Erik Rico & Marc Mac, Pugs Atomz & Von Pea as well as showing love to Marlena Shaw on The Connoisseurs Corner as she celebrates her birthday this coming Wednesday [22nd Sept].

Thanks to everyone for all your support and we hope you enjoy the cruise & if you like what you are listening too...



Ilyas - Morpheus Soul

Von Pea
, Elucid, Che Grand & Spec Boogie - Lessondary Nose
2hungry Bros. ft. Reef The Lost Cauze, Von Pea, 8th W1 & Homeboy Sandman - No Harm

Donwill & Von Pea ft. Che Grand - Headphone Rock
Donwill & Von Pea - Cheesesteak
(The Sandwich Shop)

Tanya Morgan
- Suntro (Sunlighting)
Tanya Morgan ft. Blu - Morgan Blu (Brooklynati)
Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down (Brooklynati)

Morpheus Soul Speaks with Donwill & Von Pea pt.1

ft. Che Grand, Ced Hughes & Ragen Fykes - Good
Donwill ft. Ragen Fykes - I See You
Donwill ft. Peter Hadar - Shake It Easy
(Tanya Morgan presents Donwill as Don Cusack in High Fidelity)

Morpheus Soul Speaks with Donwill & Von Pea pt.2

Von Pea ft. Donwill, Aeon & Lee Sissing - We Should Be Rocking
Von Pea - Good Life
Von Pea ft. Josie Stingray & Rapsody - New Pair
Von Pea - Boombox [Prod By. Aeon] (Pea’s Gotta Have It)

Morpheus Soul Speaks with Donwill & Von Pea pt.3

Donwill, Von Pea & Lyrickal Freestyle Jam Session!!!

Von Pea
ft. Jermiside, Ilyas & Spec Boogie - Dreams (Pea’s Gotta Have It)



Spec Boogie - Morpheus Soul

Sy Smith - B-Side Love Affair (Conflict)
Incognito ft. John-Christian Urich - Let’s Fall In Love Again
(Transatlantic R.P.M.)

Freeway ft. Talib Kweli, Brother Ali & Jean Grae - So Wrong
(Farewell Summer EP)
Boog Brown - The Essence [Oddisee Remix]
Von Pea ft. Donwill - Progress Report
[Prod By. Kanye West] (Grand Vonye)

Erik Rico
& Marc Mac - Just Love (Direct Soul) Released Oct 24th
Slakah The Beatchild ft. Melanie Durrant - The Answer (Soul Movement Vol. 1)

Bilal - The Dollar with Robert Glasper on Rhodes
Bilal - Think It Over [Prod By. 88 Keys]
(Airtight’s Revenge)

Mad Rapper - Dear Hip-Hop
Chris Faust ft. Capri & Carras Paton - Good Days, Good Nights
Trek Life ft. Olivier Daysoul - I’d Rather Be (Everything Changed Nothing)

This Weeks Top 5 Countdown

5. Pugs Atomz ft. Lyrickal - Dedication [Prod By. Grant Parks]

4. Homeboy Sandman - The Essence [Prod By.2 Hungry Bros.]
(The Good Sun)
5th week in the charts & falling three places from it’s week three reign at the number one spot.

3. Che Grand with The Lessondary aka Von Pea, Donwill & Spec Boogie
- Star [Pimps In Canada In 3D] (The Fixtape 2)
2nd week in the charts & climbing two places from last weeks number five.

2. Zed Bias ft. Jenna G - Show Some Appreciation [Maddslinky 12” Vocal Mix]
3rd week in the charts & climbing one place from last weeks number three.

1. Erik Rico & Marc Mac - Destiny (Direct Soul) Released Oct 24th
3rd week in the charts & climbing one place from last weeks number two.

Ayomari - I Wanna [Journey] [Prod By. Les Nubians]
(The Peanut Butter & Jelly Solution)
Von Pea - The Yorker
(Pea’s Gotta Have It) Released Oct 12th
Show Tufli - Can’t Fight The Feeling
(Keep In Mind That I’m An Artist, And I’m Sensitive About My Shit)

Marlena Shaw - You Bring Out The Best In Me (Acting Up) 1978
Marlena Shaw - Feel Like Makin’ Love (Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?) 1975
Marlena Shaw - Yu Ma/Go Away Little Boy (Sweet Beginnings) 1977

John Legend & The Roots ft. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Our Generation [J Period Remix] (Wake Up! Radio Mixtape)


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