Sunday, 21 March 2010

PODCAST & TRACKLISTING: The Morpheus Soul Show ft. SoulStice {20th March 2010}


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J Zone, Soulstice, Analogic, Wes Felton, Shawn Jackson, Spec Boogie, Angela Johnson & Erik Rico - Morpheus Soul All-Stars Intro

Tortured Soul - Love Everlasting (Introducing)
Aurora ft. Vanessa Freeman - Fly From East [Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix - Domu Beats]

Daz-I-Kue ft. Joy Jones - In The Middle (The Goodness EP)
John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis ft. Paul Randolph - Magic (The Goodness EP)

2hungry Bros. ft. 8th W1 - Love Beads (Back For Seconds Mix-Tape)
Johnson & Jonson [Blu & Mainframe] - RockSt. Park
Donwill & Von Pea - Cheesesteak
Soulstice & SBe ft. Eternia, Richie Filth & Stef - No Place Like It (Beyond Borders)

The Soulful Solly Brown speaks with SoulStice Pt.1

Wade Waters ft. AZ - Speak On It [Prod By. Analogic] (Dark Water)

The Jones Girls - Keep It Comin’ (Keep It Comin’)
The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (Get As Much Love As You Can)

This Weeks Top 5 Countdown

5. Miles Bonny - Endless Possibilities (INcense & Wine) BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!

4. Ayah - He Don’t Want It [Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff] (This Way) BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!

3. Ty ft. Sway & Roses Gabor - Heart Is Breaking (Special Kind Of Fool) BRAND NEW ENTRY!!!

2. Ty ft. Erik Rico - Me (Special Kind Of Fool)
2nd week in the charts & up two places from last weeks number four!

1. Pacific Division ft. TiRon - Paper (Ketchup Mixtape)
3rd week in the charts & up one place from last weeks number two!

The Soulful Solly Brown speaks with SoulStice Pt.2

SoulStice - Book Of Days [Prod By. Oddisee] (Dead Letter Perfect)

SoulStice ft. Lyrickal - Chi Worldwide {LIVE!}
SoulStice ft. Lyrickal - Strange Kinda Love {LIVE!}
SoulStice ft. Lyrickal - Be Perfect {LIVE!}
Lyrickal - Live Freestyle

The Prezedent is in the building!

The Jacksons - Show You The Way To Go (The Jacksons)


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